Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday around 5-6 AM?

I can't sleep and Scott is loudy making zzz's. I have a blanket over the computer so not to wake up the family. LOL, my stomach is in knots and i keep thinking over and over what today will be like? Will Taylor run to me and say Mama? as some do, or will be like others who scream and cling to the Nanny in fear of us? it could go either way and I just feel for this precious child - even with being prepared, this is traumatic for them. To leave what you know to a white parent? a language you don't understand, nothing is familiar.... it is overwhelming and I know like many of us would - I would be the one screaming!!!
I have been praying hard that the adjustment will be an easy one for her. My heart breaks for her as it jumps with nervous excitment for what is only hours away for us now.

I had to take a break from downloading photo's last night - had some error message I could not read in chinese - so to avoid crashing and losing it all - closed down and will try again soon. Anyone who knows me i am the camera queen. Have always loved taking photo's - it is our life and our only true memory captured to relive from time to time. Scott of course loves to tell people of my 40+ - probably more like 50 photo albums of my life and ours. Something to bore the grandkids with someday! LOL

Well now Kaitlyn is up? so will try to bring her to bed with me and see if we can get a few more zzz's until this exciting day begins to unfold for us - which to many is known as Gotcha Day and becomes the anniversary date for us to celebrate the beginning of our Forever Family - the first day in Taylors life were she is loved unconditionally and forever!
Counting hours and minutes - Lavonne


Charlotte said...

Lavonne !

Can't wait to see you get her !

Yah !


Lesa and Samuel said...

Hi Lavonne! Following your journey and can't wait to see your new addition! We're right on your heels!