Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday evening blogging:

I need a break from downloading photo's - I think I took about 200 photo's in the past two days and blogging is slow to do many. It is great for a quick write or download of a photo, but will have to do the rest on our website when we return. IT just does not give you a good view - just a snapshot of what we are experiencing.

We definately are experiencing lots and looking forward to what lays ahead. As I sit here writing, I realize this is Taylor's last night with her foster family. Her whole life is going to drastically change for her. What will she experience tomorrow? I am sure there will be many emotions as there have been for me. I walked down the street today wondering am i totally nuts? three kids in China???
Oh well it is all part of the experience as Scott would say....

Today checked on our bank account and well we do have stuff to deal with when we return.... this trip has really taken a hit on us financially and we are so broke it scares me - i know it will work out, but we are still waiting on funds and actually today dipped into the kids savings accounts to hold us until the rest comes in.

We went for a nice walk later this afternoon. The hotel has strollers for free to use so was thankful, even though they are well beat up and i was cursing the heck out of them. The streets or sidewalks are old and not even so was constantly fixing the wheels to get going. We walked around the whole Shaimin Island and it was nice since in the past never had the time to do this. Then we did Lucy's for dinner - the food is very America, but was very welcoming for me after the past few days. The kids had grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, Scott had some Thai dish and I had fish and chips. There was few Chinese in the place except for all the kids LOL and more boys than in the past.

We went to the White Swan, and showed the kids the fish and waterfall which they enjoyed. We checked out a few more things and had promised the kids ice cream so headed to 7-11 and got some. Interesting news for those adoptive parents coming....
We have usually used Lucy's for Laundry which is the first store from the WS. Well the Guangzhou government is taking over buildings and they are one of the first to be shut down. Trying to find out if they have moved? Took our laundry next door, but were told Jennifers and the others will be gone soon too. Not sure what all this means. I think the government plans to utilize the property for more profitable ventures. Scott had read something about this in the paper about taking over 1,000 sq ft but I think it is more... The old coffee shop/restaurant just outside the WS is now a mix of stores. There is the new Starbucks which is very nice and busy.
Same prices as home. Thought I buy a mug that says Guangzhou, cost me $18... a bit much.

Funny story... we had just left the WS and were heading to the Starbucks when this lady yells out I have your website bookmarked!... Scott and I both look behind us to the store lady and then this women says no, your website and we they realized she was talking to us! She is another Dongguan parent who has just received her daughter that is 18m with CLP like Reagan and recognized us from our photo on our masthead. So we talked for awhile. We know many families coming right now to get their Dongguan babies which Taylor is. We felt funny to be recognized in China by our website LOL.

Oh well the day is pretty much over - I am sure my dreams will be vivid trying to act out tomorrow's events on how Taylor will act or respond to us. I do hope that she has been prepared and that she got the letters and gifts which will help her be prepared for this major transition in her life. Having the kids along will help in having someone to play with and help her speech advance quickly. I know Kaitlyn will have her moments. It has been funny... she is starting to imitate Chinese... she goes off and just jabbers in a nothing language and she will tell us she is talking Chinese.
Well sweet dreams and tomorrow holds the key to our new future as a family of 5.


Linda said...

I am anxiously awaiting your post tomorrow and can't wait to hear about your new daughter. I'm still praying for your finances and am so sorry that you are having to feel the stress of all this at this particular time. ~Linda Shoemate

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Hang in there! It will all work out in the end. Praying your finannces come through and that Taylor accepts your family as hers.

Shannon B