Monday, August 13, 2007

1 more day and panic is setting in...

So in 24 hours we will be heading to bed and getting up at 2:30 AM to head to the airport. WOW it is really here and in the next 24 hrs we have a ton to do.
We are thrilled with all the emails of support and prayer for our trip and know this is an exciting time for us. The kids have no idea how this is going to affect their lives - actually I don't think Scott and I do yet either LOL
We know that we have some wonderful opportunities that have come together for us and this journey will be one in many that will be marked in our Calendars, a year to remember. Taylor will definately change us and add to the adventure.
Reagan has done this before and has little memory of our past journey, but this will be a first for Kaitlyn.
So tonight is final packing, re-checking our lists, last min. things to do and then tomorrow - we do the final bank stuff. Glad we are wiring the money this time! I have always hated carrying around that much cash.
I again tend to wonder... what is my little girl Taylor like. We never got an update, so have no idea about this girl - what makes her tick...? I do hope they have prepared her.... this wonderfully made little girl is just perfect for our family and we will learn to know her personality, her traits... She will grow and blossem into a wonderful child, teen and women.
Well need to get back to getting ready - thanks again for all the great emails...
Enjoy the journey....Lavonne and family of 4 - soon to be 5


MarknLori said...

We are praying for you ... keep us updated! Mark, Lori and McKaden

Keating Mom said...

I'll be praying for (and following!) your trip. Enjoy your Dongguan lil one!