Monday, June 14, 2010

Taylor's Prayer

We got this note on Friday from School. On Friday afternoon, they had read a book to the kids in school about salvation, there was 31 Pre-K kids who were there and Mrs. Drew decided to ask the kids if any wanted to pray the prayer in the book. Twelve of the kids decided to go with Mrs. Drew into the other room and pray with her. Taylor was one of them.
The teachers then quickly had to make a note to let the parents know what happened since this was so unplanned - yet so wonderful to make an imprint in these wonderful kids lives.
We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to have our kids in this wonderful private Christian school where the teachers not only educate but invest in our kids lives and eternal salvation. What regular school would you see something like this happen?
We have been blessed and hope that i can find a job so we can continue to have them stay there to shape and mold our kids into wonderful servants of Christ.
Lavonne - 6-14-10


Teresa said...

This is wonderful!! It gives me goose bumps and I'm thrilled that Taylor made such an important decision...having the note is just priceless to remember such a wonderful day!

Scott said...

Yes... this is a privilege. Still challenges ahead, but she is growing and making really good decisions every day.