Monday, June 14, 2010

Taylor's 6th Birthday Party

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This is Taylor's 6th birthday party 2-3 weeks ago. We did it a week early at a newer McDonalds - the invite said another McDonalds which use to have a playground but we went the day before and found out it was gone. So Scott sat at that McDonalds to redirect, we got one family by phone before the party - ugh!

This one had a nice playground and it was empty when we got there so i could get a whole bunch of tables together and set it up while the kids played. It worked out well and we had a $10 gift card to buy ice cream with and then paid for the drinks and i made the cake for $3 so it was a bargain of a deal party!

I even hit big lots for the favors and Taylor's presents. We ask at all our parties to give to Love Without Boundaries instead of gifts for the kids since Winston had surgery through them. This keeps the gifts to a min. and the kids more focused on the event vs. the gifts and greed. Also it is a great cause and this helps them to give back.

The kids had a great time, it was a nice small party and did not run too long since we had a class to go to that night. We met a wonderful women at McDonald's who teaches Chinese and has offered to teach all four kids for free. Her studio opens up next month so we are hoping it will work out.

Lavonne 6-14-10 (May 24th)

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