Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother's Day Happenings a bit late!

Well Mother's Day was a very special day
The kids were very excited to give me their gifts that they had made at school
Here is a sampling of most of the work - i have a couple i want to scan
since they were very good.

Somehow i did not get Taylor holding up her card to me?
Kaitlyn made three things at school
the card in the vase, the bird picture and then the written note which
all came in a very nicely decorated envelope
Reagan honed his computer skills (I am sure with some help)
and made his card on the computer and wrote his own note to me
(we know since there were a few typo's :-))
Winston and Taylor did there handprints with a poem
and answered a short questionaire about me...
The one on the left is Winston's and shows his personality
the one on the right is Taylor's and she signed it nice and neatly
Winston is still clumping his name in the bottom corner
The let me sleep in that morning and i was actually in the guest room since i had trouble sleeping that night - so i got up and moved to our bed as they were planning my breakfast - it was so cute.

They brought me up a whole breakfast tray - (a cookie sheet- since Scott did not know where my trays were!) and i got eggs, toast and all my presents and a few strawberries they found in the fridge. After eating there a few minutes i felt a bit lonely so brought it all downstairs and joined them for breakfast - sharing some of it with them since i don't eat that much!!
We went over the gifts again and then more home-made ones were presented - and this continued for the next few days they kept making me more cards :-)
That evening Scott insisted on making dinner (simple) but still very nice to have a break and then we headed out to our Sunday night class.
All in All it was a wonderful special day for this Mama who treasures these moments with her Asian Blessings. They were all so proud and it was neat to see them at this age of being old enough to understand and make a deal about it. It will only be time when having them want to have cuddling time with me will be lost and their friends will become more important. This is when i reflect on how God directed us on this journey which has not always been an easy one - but to not put our focus on wealth and status, but to enjoy our kids and have fun with them. So many miss out on this opportunity!!
Lavonne - 5-18-10


Teresa said...

It sounds like you had a VERY special Mother's Day and that is WONDERFUL!!!

Heather BT said...

Last year i was in China for Mother's Day, and it didn't really mean anything to Calli because she was grieving so much. This year was a totally different story, I I was filled why joy and her excitement.