Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's May and I am still trying to catch up?

When we went to LeConner to see the Tulip Fields last month we encountered this
interesting view of birds in flight moving north. It was really cool - as we approached we
saw many birds crossing over the road from one field and landing on another.
There were thousands of these birds which we think may have been snow geese?
It was pretty cool - i was a bit nervous about getting hit since i have a past record in this.:-)

They just kept coming and you can see in the 3rd photo on this line where they were
coming from. The field just got whiter and whiter as more and more landed.

The kids thought this was really cool and we watched them fly over for quite a long
time. We were joined by others later to watch this amazing sight.
Lavonne 5-6-2010

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Maggie S said...

Do you know how far north they will go? I grew up in OK. The bird mostly passed through...too far north and not far enough south.