Saturday, May 29, 2010

cleaning the deck

So Daddy got the kids started in helping us do the deck

Here is Taylor helping with getting the dirt out between the wood
Scott is sanding the deck and i was vacuuming etc...

Kaitlyn and Reagan took time out to catch Bee's
Kaitlyn has become our expert Bee catcher - last summer she caught about 5 in an hour
with her net. The kids have gotten really good at this now. Kaitlyn did get stung once.
It has not stopped her from doing it :-)
Scott started to stain the deck and then the rain came.... so got a portion stained and now waiting for all this rain to pass so we can finish this project and the fence. We actually got busy last weekend cutting back lots of the trees hanging over the fence and removed the bad lattace tops to make the fence look better for selling.
Lavonne - 5-28-10

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Helen said...

I noticed one of your kids is originally from JingDeZhen. I spent 9 years in JingDeZhen and didnt know there was an orphanage. all of your kids look so adorable, you have worked out wonders! Nothing is greater than shaping up a child's life, the world a much better place to be b/c of loving people like you, Thanks & wish all the best!