Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well where do i begin..... Last week Scott did my regular hair coloring... yes, he has been doing my hair for about 6 years now - highlighting only!
I had last August took my camera to my hair dressers to video tape her doing a touch up which is always better than what we can do esp. at $11 a box!!
We always use the cap method, but at the salon they use the foil... so here we tried to do this to do a better color. Scott did not fully understand the rules so once completed..... i had a Zebra stripe look :-) I had very orange-blonde striped hair with dark roots and base - not at all what i liked and felt i needed to just get a tatoo and put on some lbs and buy a Harley and i would fit in with another crowd!!
I called my hair dresser thinking maybe i should have her redo the hair for $$$ - luckily she did not call me back until the next day....
So the next day i went to the drug store, and bought a box of light brown hair color and we salvaged the cap from my other box and the next night we colored the whole head with the light brown sweated it out..... Viola!!! It actually worked and my hair is much better now! Still a bit on the light side for my comfort level, but at least i can interview for jobs not looking tacky :-)
Life on the cheap and crazy side!
Lavonne - 4-1-10


Amy said...

"Cheap and crazy"!?
I guess that pretty well sums up our whole existence here!

Maggie S said...

You are so awesome! And SO REAL!!! I am cheap too. My mom is a stylist and I won't put much chemical on myself. But the grays are really blooming this spring. My time is coming.

hiroshi said...

Long time no see.
You are so fine.