Sunday, April 4, 2010

Deer Mouse Part II

When we had our mouse visitor - the next day Scott had a new trainee technician and himself set up traps and they crawled under the house in our crawlspace and noticed some activity and closed up some holes they thought were the entry points for our visitors.

At first we thought they had come in from the laundry room but now it appears they came in through the kitchen and traveled through the kitchen into the laundry room and proceeded to build up a stash which took me 2 weeks to find. Last week i was cleaning the shoe closet across from the laundry room and found this mass of cat food behind a box. I emptied out the closet and it quickly clicked that the mice had been stashing their food (cat food) here and were eating it in the dark. This was going on for a few days until we caught them. Scott collected 6 little guys under the house and no issues since!!!
I guess my husband comes in handy for some things from time to time... :-) The benefit of having your own Entomologist.
Hopefully we are now done with little creatures in the house - except for the grasshopper i found today in the upstairs hallway that Lily was trying to catch - it appears it escaped out of the frog's cage - yes... the latest in animals that have made themselves a pet in our home??? the downside to having an Entomologist as a live in.
Lavonne -4-3-10


Maggie S said...

What do the cats think of the frog?

Annie said...

Too funny, Lavonne! You should read my blog post here, about our little visitor!!! LOL!!