Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our tired little girl

My tired little girl -- Kaitlyn
Saturday, we were working in our bedroom and suddenly we looked down and there was Kaitlyn totally out and it was noon, a bit early but she has had a few late nights and a first week back to school - which is always hard on my little perfectionist!
She was so cute - we were all a bit tired getting back into a schedule again.
This week has continued to be busy and we are just starting. Meetings all day for me and tonight again - tomorrow is similar. I am slowly catching up - but it is frustrating having to constantly clean up other peoples screw-ups. I won't go there - but there are moments i am tempted to let the ball drop :-)
The 2 little ones went to a birthday party Sat afternoon.... hum that was also interesting. Mapquest failed me and i was only about 2-3 miles from my destination and then the host was not that good at giving directions - so finally after circling around a few times - 20 mins later - i finally found our destination and we had a good time - life is full of surprises. The hard part is we live in Renton and this party was an hour away in Snoqualmie and was out in the hills on a farm.
I now know the area well :-)

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