Friday, January 8, 2010


Well we are 7 days into this new year and it sure has been busy!

School is back in session and it was a full week and the kids had some adjusting as they settled into the new schedule. We already have contests to do, artwork to make this weekend for an art show next week, birthday parties and Winston's to plan for. Then Kaitlyn decided to be her own eye glasses repair shop and totally twisted the nose pad off the glasses, so today they ordered a new pair for her - thankfully it was under warrently

We found out we are changing insurance companies - so had to run over and get this all settled this morning. The past couple of days have been a total of 7 hours of meetings for the Chinese New Year event. The rest of the month will be like this until the big day is here - so far it is going well.

We are submitting Taylor's story to a Poland Syndrome book this wknd and then a resume to send out. Finally I am working with China on another trip.

So January should prove to be an interesting month. Will try and keep the blog updated....


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