Friday, January 15, 2010

Just another Sunday?

We'll last Sunday I believe these were taken
we were just hanging out after dinner.
1) Kaitlyn doing some strange upside down sitting and sucking her thumb action ??
2) Kailtyn still pulling at that tooth that still has not come up -maybe this weekend?
3) Taylor and Reagan on the sofa, playing a game with the family.
4) The girls decided to wear the antler's we have - i was able to get them to kiss - arn't they
really cute
5) Kaitlyn in her antler's
6) Grandpa R called and Winston is talking to him :-)
It has been a very full week, no photo's - maybe on the weekend?
School had a lot of activies - including an Art Show, so had to get the kids pictures mounted and some i cheaply framed (since Reagan is in the Chinese NY show in 2 wks) - then Thursday night after piano and other stuff we rushed back to school for a dinner fund raiser and see the kids art work displayed. They were so proud.
Mommy has had an insane week of very long days of meetings, phone calls, organizing - and mostly going to bed at 2 am (hoping next week is not a repeat!)
So finally the weekend is here and the Christmas decorations come down and get put away - we have friends with their new baby from China over on Sunday and this week and next week many friends go to get their "aging" out kids in China and one couple i have been working with is getting their 4 year old son "Nathan" who i brought a gift too last summer in Kunming - Kaitlyn's orphanage.
I am also working on another interesting project - details to follow regarding Reagan's orphanage
-- very exciting news !!! :-)
Lavonne - 1-14-2010

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