Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I won again!!??

Body Bonding Coach - Cynthia Sharp

Cynthia has Poland Syndrome (PS) like Taylor and over the past year we have become friends. She has been passionate about building a community of support and love for the people who suffer from PS.

Cynthia recently put out a request for title names for a book she is doing and also to submit stories and so i did both on Taylor's behalf and to our surprise her story is being accepted and part of one of my submissions won for the book title.

The book will be called:
P.S. You are Loved!
- Living the life of inspiration - Living with Poland Syndrome -

It is a Chicken Soup like/style book for people to be inspired by those who live with PS and how they overcome the obstacles in their lives.

So i now have won a free copy of the book, signed
4 coaching sessions
1 free ticket to a local Body Bonding Retreat
Body Bonding Beads

+ Gift certificate for family and discount on future sessions

You can check her work out at

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