Monday, November 2, 2009

Waiting. waiting and more waiting...

Leaving home at 12:15 pm
Watching cartoons
We got to Children's at 1 pm got our passes for the week.... and around 2 pm got admitted to a pre-op waiting room. It is now almost 3 pm and still waiting to go into surgery. Thankful for WiFi
Taylor is getting antsy but glad the TV is helping. She keeps asking when Dr. Song will come.
Our new issue is that the family room closes at 4 pm - so don't have a back-up for the kids.
With the swine flu scare they are not allowing kids under 12 in the hospital area - so i maybe totally solo with Scott maybe visiting during the day only while the kids are in school.
He really wants to see Taylor when she gets out, but may not be able since this new policy - have called one friend that lives nearby to see if they can watch the kids for a short time - so that Scott can see Taylor.
She is still upbeat and anxious to get into surgery.
Thank you all for your prayers an support - it is very much appreciated and Taylor has been asking if people are praying for her.
Lavonne 11-2-09 (1)


Wife of the Pres. said...

Hi Lavonne, I hope they have taken Taylor back by now. What a long day. So sorry. I just got your email and will pray as you requested.

I so wish I lived nearby and could help. I have a dear bloggy friend whose daughter had surgery recently at Seattle Children's. Here is her blog:

Maybe she could help you out? She is a sweetheart!

Hugs to you and Taylor and your family. Thinking of you continually tonight and in the coming week.

Teresa said...

Please tell sweet Taylor that YES people are praying for her:) Our entire family in IN is keeping her in our prayers:) We know God is watching over her and your entire family:) I wish we lived closer as we would be more than happy to watch the kiddos at any time:)