Monday, November 2, 2009

Now in Surgery!

This is Taylor after she put the Bubblegum scent into her mask. I am trying to load some more pix but i am now in a different area and it is going slower - not being able to download emails yet.

Thanks again for the awesome show of prayer support for Taylor - she is thrilled.

Well she finally was taken from me at 5:20 pm - 4 hours and 20 mins after we arrived?

The earlier surgery took much longer than planned and they think Taylors will go shorter?

They have another one after us to do - glad it is not us!

Taylor kept saying when it the doctor going to come? She actually remembers his name. There have been a host of people in and out of our pre-op room. So there is a large team in the op room working with her. Taylor was very calm and ready and they went through everything with us. She has a team just for the pain - over the next 3 days working with us. They are full so still have not been assigned a room in the ICU yet.

I just grabbed a quick dinner - knowing in about 30 mins will get an update page.

Scott had to leave since it is an early morning with the kids so won't be able to see Taylor until tomorrow. Will take pix and call him with updates. He was really disappointed.

Taylor also has 2 more friends - a stuffed deer who went into surgery with her and a baby stuffed shark which she plans to give her brother -Reagan the shark lover!

Hoping she will be done around 8:30-9 pm - and will be very ready to sleep - hope she will?

I am sure the next few days will have little sleep with constant monitoring.

Hope to have more news soon



Annie said...

Praying, praying, praying!!! Update when you can!!

Amy said...

Have thought of you all evening...hope everything is going well!

Book Voyages said...

Covering little Miss Taylor in prayer! Hugs and kisses to her!
Lisa, Art and Emily

Lindsey's mom said...

I hope things are going well. I am thinking of you!