Sunday, November 22, 2009

*** URGENT *** Aging out child needs family ********

*** Tabitha ***
Ages out - February 29th, 2010
She needs a FAMILY - do you know them?
Per the China policy - once she turns 14 on Feb 29th she is unadoptable..... how sad!
Do you know someone who is already logged into China that could adopt her?
She just became an orphan this year after both her parents died.
Here is her story:

Since her parents both died and she had no relatives, nobody could raise her. So she was brought on March 5, 2009 to us by Donghu Street of Tiefeng District of Qiqiha’er City with approval from Civil Affairs Bureau.

The first period in Institute - When she was taken in, the doctor checked her. She was healthy and a little fat. No other abnormal findings. ** (So was probably an only child and loved)

Growth and development - When she was first here, she was not used to the change of the environment. She did not actively respond to questions, or initiated to communicate with people, because she was shy and scared. After a couple of days living with other orphans, her personalities came out. She was active and smiled a lot. She was clever when playing games with
other kids. She has good appetite and is picky at food. She is independent. Her growth
and development is on target. Her intellectual development is good.
link to her file is:
Please contact: Madison Adoption Associates

1009 Woodstream Drive Wilmington, DE 19810
Phone: (302) 475-8977 FAX (302) 529-1976

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Maggie S said...

Thanks for putting her out there. I saw her a couple of weeks ago. I just want them all. Doesn't she just look sweet.
Maggie S.