Sunday, November 22, 2009

My kids and the cute things they say

Tonight - the 4 playing with PlayDough
This morning on the way home from church - we saw a bad car accident on the opposite side of the Interstate 405. The car had flipped onto the drivers side - it has been raining for days here and it is like a lake on the roads.
The kids had noticed the car and as we passed. Kaitlyn asked if she could pray for the people in the car. WOW, now that is pretty exciting to see the depth of understanding our kids have in these areas. Reagan chirped in that he had wanted to pray and then Winston noted that he heard Jesus speaking to him in his ear to pray! we have not talked about this in that way so it makes you wonder what was going on in our car spiritually?
Our kids have a very keen understanding about God and prayer and it is so neat to see God working in their lives this way. Lavonne 11-22-09

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hiroshi said...

Surely they are influenced by their parent.