Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This is a few weeks ago when we were in Canada for the wknd.
We had dinner with my aunt and uncle.
It was so nice to catch up with them and the kids had a blast.
After dinner we went to the nearby school and the kids played in the playground
then my aunt gave each one a small gift....
Here is Winston with his new flashlight - later on they had to go room to room
with the lights out to see if the flashlight worked :0
Here my aunt is inspecting one of the flashlights
Oh the kids did well sitting there waiting - it was very hard to do

My uncle looks so much like my dad... yet they are so different in many ways
Yet they both have a passion for cars.

Looks like Taylors surgery now will be on Nov 2nd - finally I think we have a date!
Yesterday had Reagan tested for allergies - looks like he is allergic to almost everything!!
poor guy - the cats, the rat and esp all the trees and weeds around our place
so looks like now we will be looking at shots down the road - not fun.
Lavonne -9-16-09

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Doug and Terrye said...

Every little one needs a flashlight of their own!!! It has so many endless possibilites :)