Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lavender was a precious girl with CLP who was adopted in June 2007 just before we got Taylor. Her mother after 11 months made some poor choices and ended her life and is now in jail waiting her trial. It has been very hard on the adoption community knowning this little girls life was ended so shortly. Many have pooled together to give her situation recognition and since there was no funeral, to honor her short precious life. She is now in heaven with her precious father.

Donations made in memory of Lavender will go directly to provide a cleft-affected orphan in China life-changing surgery through the LWB Cleft Surgery Fund. Children who are born with cleft lip and palate often struggle to develop and grow. A child with a cleft lip is unable to form strong suction on baby bottles, making it difficult to get adequate nutrition. In addition to a high risk of malnourishment, these children are susceptible to illnesses such as upper respiratory infections and pneumonia, as well as permanent hearing loss. A simple cleft lip repair helps a child to get adequate nutrition, speak correctly, and greatly increases an orphaned child's chance of being chosen for adoption.

We have the following methods of accepting sponsorship
- Check payable to Love Without Boundaries Foundation

Love Without Boundaries Foundation
P.O. Box 25016
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0016

Make sure to annotate 'LWB Lavender Banks Memorial Cleft Fund' and the name of the person you are sponsoring in the remarks section.

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