Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tenting it on the 4th??

Here we are the "new" tent for 8
but really fits 6 perfectly with a tiny bit or room to spare
So the 4 will sleep on air matresses in a row
but after our test run on the 4th?? with all the fireworks going off
and the kids having a hard time getting to sleep....
we have decided to flip flop the positions - there is a little window that
opens for grabing stuff outside and the main entrance are too close to the kids.
The main door is so cool - kept reading reviews on this
it has velcro and a zipper with a handle so the kids can come and go
without destroying the zipper....
We got this baby from for around $150 and then got an queen blow up
mattress for the adults - with threats of "NO JUMPING" on it to the kids.
It is so tempting i know - in the back there is a tiny closet for simple things
we re-waterproofed the seams to be extra safe and it has great venting
the down side is there is little to no privacy if you don't put up the rain cover.
Pretty simple to set up - scott in the end put it up himself
The kids are counting days and we are down to 6 now before leaving
It will be a great - hopefully stressfree bonding time for them all.
We at this point will only be tenting it now for 2-3 days so pretty good.

I added a roof carrier and had my first fun with it today while going to the kids
doctor - it is too big for the parking lot so hit the sign and they would not let me in - so had
to back out of the place - quite entertaining as one of the parking guys held up traffic
so will be cautious to the height of my vehicle now - we can fit the whole family inside!!
Lavonne 7-9-09

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