Monday, July 27, 2009

Praying for my big guy

Today was Reagan's big day!
He just turned 7 on Sat and was able to attend Camp Korey this week for ages 7-11
Kids with Cranial Facial issues at Carnation Farms
The place is a resort and mom was even jealous.
As soon as we pulled up this crew of crazy counselors arrived at our mini-van to great us.
The girl in the purple hat is Reagan's counselor named "Jennifer"
He was a bit reserved - had fallen asleep in the van as we drove there so it
took some time for him to warm up to it - he got a cool name badge and water bottle for the wk Taylor was very animated with the staff and i can see her having a blast here as well at one of the other camps they have for sn kids. It is truly a blessing to have this opportunity which is funded totally by sponsors. They have medical staff on hand and they have everything. Snacks, drinks in abundance, fishing, rock climbing, acting, movies.... it is so amazing.
But at the end before we got our tour we finally had to say goodbye to our brave boy.
This is his second time away from home without us. He had a overnight sleep over at school last
year. They have a very full schedule and the whole week will be in the 90's so it will be hot and busy for him. I think he will do fine - but he definitely got quiet and the women in the hat had to really talk to him. I suddenly got a knot in my stomach and i could feel the urge to cry as i pulled away. I thought i wouldn't do this, and managed not to cry but surprised myself with suddenly missing my sweet Reagan. This is the beginning of summers of missing my kids.
The rules are they are not suppose to call us and we can't call them - but the camp calls us mid-week to let us know how things are going. The Swine Flu thing continues as when we arrived Reagan had to have his temp checked.... but glad they are careful.
Kaitlyn cried tonight saying she missed Reagan, i guess she will feel this way again in 1-1/2 wks.

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