Monday, July 27, 2009

Day One of our trip

Well I thought i had the order right?
Here is the end of our day in Carson City - well actually the next days
breakfast - toast over the fire. The kids really enjoyed this
Kaitlyn could do without the burnt toast :-)
Here is lunch... we stopped near Kelso WA for some
Starbucks coffee - and decided it was a great place to stop and do
lunch. We have a electric cooler so had some yogurt to eat and made
some PJ sandwiches and we sat there while people waited in line for there coffee's.

Reagan and Kaitlyn had the back seat and the pillows - so took advantage of this when sleeping

Taylor had her monkey and thought it was funny to put him in her seatbelt.
Winston thought this was funny so copied and put his dog in his seatbelt.
This is how the trip pretty much went - we did a lot of drive time.
Lavonne - 7-27-09

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