Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Needing a break?

Ok - well the computer issues continue?? We checked with DELL since we had not heard about my computer shipping???? we were informed that the computer would not ship until the 27th and then add a week.....ugh!
So tomorrow night we are off to the computer stores in hopes to find something similar in the same price range so i can start to work and have access on the trip and have my PDA sync to my calendar again! oh this life on hold is not my thing!
SOME TEA PLEASE..... oh a nice cup of Earl Grey would do my nerves some good.

Good news - should have my logo on Friday for Asian Blessings, today we got our 2006 MO income tax return - amen for $450 so this will help cover our trip - God is good.
I went shopping for groceries at 11 pm and got home at 12:30 pm and have most of the food for the trip bought. We need to cancel one camping site since relatives in Palm Dessert area offered us to stay with them - so 1-2 less meals to worry about - another praise.

I had big plans to be productive - but had a few distractions today - yet still got a lot done - just not in the area's i wanted. So will tackle lots tomorrow.
Start Reagan in his extended speech tomorrow at noon - will see if we can move the dates around for the other sessions. So it never is a dull day here - in stay-at-home land. I was warned - but knew it would happen - just wishful for more hours in the day i guess:-)

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