Saturday, January 3, 2009

catching up - our snow shots....

These were taken on the 24th during the day.. we all headed to the mailbox and on the way back built a superhero snowman - with cape and all... missed the final picture - here a week later we still have a small base to him left. We also had a small dusting again this morning.... ugh! but at least we are mobile now... three wks at home locked up with the kids was starting to get to me.. LOL
Looking forward to the snow being a past memory and a new year!!
Lavonne 1-3-09


Lindsey's mom said...

Great shots!! I am praying for some snow!! We have been in the -'s for warmed up to -10!!
Happy New Year

hiroshi said...

I am surprised at deep snow.
We have few snow near here.

Amy Rankin said...

What a winter wonderland! Really beautiful and I am sure the kids have had fun...but I don't envy you one bit! All those boots/mittens/snowsuits/hats!! LOL!!