Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 - HA P P Y N E W Y E A R !! *****

Well it is hard to believe 2008 has already come and gone and the first day of a new year is here.
It has been a very hectic year with lots of ups and downs... We praise God for His blessings as this year we expanded as a family to our final number of 6. Winston has been the perfect fit. We had many disappointments in getting to this place but now can look back and know that God had a plan and this boy was ours all along, we just had to go through some closed doors to get rerouted to him.
Each one of our kids has grown and blossomed and we are truly blessed by each one, even though at times we wonder at how we do it? we know that as each one gets more settled in their place and matures they help each other and it makes it easier on mom and dad. :-)
Our jobs at this time are secure and we pray that this continues... since we have 2 more surgeries coming around the corner.
As we approach 2009 - there is a lot of uncertainty in this world and even in our household. We are facing some difficult times as a family and we must lean on God even more to help us get through this. We wonder why at times that we must walk down difficult roads, and usually they are to lean on God more and strengthen us more... yet in the midst of these trials they are not fun. We ask that you keep us in prayer.
May God Bless you in 2009...
Lavonne 1-1-09


hiroshi said...

For the time being,we need the strength of the mind to believe GOD.

God bless you.

tiffany said...

I hope all is ok and you have a wonderful 09.