Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Canadian

Yes, I am a Canadian and Proud of it - but at times when we are this scary in an election i often debate on whether my vote could help?
So i am seriously considering making steps to be a duel citizen. I still struggle since then i give up the one thing that makes me different - or do i?
Oh i could post tons of links and arguments on what i believe is the way to vote - but i feel - just Vote your conscious - God has a plan and if you know what is right please vote accordingly.
Being a Canadian i have lived in a socialist system - knowing both sides of the coin now, i prefer having a choice.... we could easily lose this option based on the results of Nov 4 and a lot of unfair media coverage.

Off my soapbox now.... Winston is heading for surgery in about 3 weeks - we are waiting on a date. We have known from day one our little guy snores the walls down - poor guy and once his doc looked into his mouth they confirmed what we knew - his tonsils and adenoids need to move out. They even said it is stunting his growth. Which in the past 4m he has only grown 1" and no weight gain - this is a first with our kids.... it is about a 15 min procedure and 2 hours at the hospital and then go home. I found out i have some extra vacation time so will be taking some time off with my little guy.

Yesterday we also got word that my Uncle Don, in Canada passed away. He lived a wonderful life with my Aunt Ruth (my dad's older sister) he was 93 and it was his time. We are so thankful that he made a decision 4 years ago to have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior and we all know we will be seeing him in heaven and this Tuesday we will go to his funeral and celebrate his life and rejoice in knowing we will see him again. I look forward to also connect with family - many have not seen my children yet and feel we can share together at this time.
One more day and then the weekend is here!!!
Lavonne 10-23-08

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hiroshi said...

You have to take a rest on this weekend!
Sometimes your situation is very stressful.