Sunday, October 19, 2008

a much needed quieter wknd

Well you have to love this happy photo of Winston... we got him a Sunday outfit for winter/Christmas and he just glowed "MINE" he kept saying. He was too cute.

We stayed home the wknd and just took it easy... the kids are catching their first colds for the season and last night Kaitlyn struggled and at 4:30 AM moved into our bed and then later Reagan informed us we had not heard Winston crying from a bad dream so all three crashed with us - later of course Taylor joined in...

I am trying to get the boys clothes done this wk - so thrilled to have the girls room redone, cleaned and organized - now for the boys - need to get a few more tupperwares to organize toys more into groups - i.e. Cars, airplanes, animals....
I will be so happy to see this project done and move to thank you cards that are very behind and starting our Christmas letter - need to have Reagan paint a Christmas painting to make for the card. Oh it never ends!!

Friday night i did get a nice break and went with some girlfriends i have not seen in years for dinner and the musical "Menopause the Musical" - I had a great time and laughed so hard at times i was in tears.... for you women definitely worth it...
esp. if you are in the midst of it - i felt suddenly i have answers to my craziness
LOL it was nice to see these women who were a part of my single life when i lived here before.

Well another week comes and a list of things to check off is in my hand -
Lavonne 9-19-08


Heather said...

Oh, he's just owning that outfgit, he has truly made it his. Love it.
Glad you had fun, I haven't seen that, but have you seen Mama Mia? what a hoot.
Heather BT

Starla said...

Hi Lavonne,

You've been tagged! Check my blog and play along if you get the chance. Starla

tiffany said...

How is it possible that that boy keeps getting more and more handsome?! I love how pleased he is with his schmancy clothes. :)