Friday, October 31, 2008

Got Lice?

So this is my latest activity...
They had this outbreak at school....ugh what a joy!!
The above two pictures are what i am desperately trying to find and get rid of. It appears that both Winston and Taylor got it plus about 12 kids and 3 teachers at school. For the life of me and Scott we have combed and combed, picked and magnified the kids hair with no luck, today i think i may have found one egg on me? so we all have been treated... the last two days have had most of the house cleaned and vacuumed and all the clothes used in the past week washed, jackets, bedding.... you name it - it is being treated and we just put load after load into the washer and dryer and then stage it in an area that has been cleaned... not an easy tast with 6 humans and 2 cats moving about in one place. We will tackle the office tomorrow after Halloween. I just hope we got it this time and there is no need for doing this again - not one of those many joys that they talk about in raising a family LOL
Tomorrow the kids dress up and we take them to the mall. Our church now does a Chinese NY instead which is much bigger, this is warmer and safe.
Lavonne 10-30-08


Blessed said...

Oh, the fun of it.

I had to do that with my daughter when she was in preschool. They all shared fireman hats and they all got lice. It was one of the worst things ever. It is SO much work. And it all has to be done right now so they don't have a chance to lay eggs. It's just terrible. I'm sorry you have to go through that. Just one of the many joys of parenthood, right? :)


P.S. I tagged you.

hiroshi said...

Terrible,dirty,but somewhat beautiful picture of the lice!

Charlotte said...

Just keep pickin, just keep pickin !

I've dealt with off and on for years with 4 kids !

I was always told they like clean hair,not dirty hair ! So at least you know your kids got clean hair !

Charlotte and crew

Amy Rankin said...

Reminds me of the time we brought scabies home from the Russian orphanage along with our son. What fun the 7 of us had using all manner of dips and creams and washing all the clothes and sheets and towels and drying them on high and leaving the house for 24 hours and...and...
Fond memories!