Wednesday, October 29, 2008

93 years of memories

Yesterday we took the day off and headed north to Canada. My uncle Don passed away on Oct 22nd and they had the funeral in Abbotsford - just east of Bellingham WA. Don had a good life and was 93 years old. The top picture is of him pointing to a map and then the other is my Aunt Ruth and Don. Ruth is my father's older sister. They had been married 45 years and had a wonderful marriage. My aunt will miss him greatly. He was a big guy but so gentle and i had not seen him in a very long time.
We took the kids along since most of this side of the family had not been together in 5 years and had never met our kids, so everyone was thrilled to see them. It was a nice get together with relatives....
Today however, was a bit entertaining.... as we got to school it was found out there had been a head lice outbreak!!! I am clueless since never exposed all these years so had to leave work early and bring the kids all home to get treated, including Scott and i. We have cleaned a big portion of the house and all the clothes and bedding are in piles in the laundry room, waiting to be washed. I will be at this task for days!!! We did all the combing and looking and found nothing but they assured us they found something on Winston and Taylor. Of course i just started scratching all over... then i had to make the dreaded call to relatives to inform them we had smuggled lice out of the US and brought them along as a nice gift from the long lost relatives.... oh well just another day in the Dideon household!!
Lavonne 10-28-08


hiroshi said...

Sorry for your uncle's death.

Tiffany said...

So sorry to hear the news about your uncle!!!!

Also so sorry to hear the news about the lice... makes me itchy just thinking about it.