Saturday, September 27, 2008

A weekend playing single parent

Well Scott has left me again - this time for a week with all 4 muchkins...
He also left me with a very messy house and a very full schedule!!! Typical male LOL
So at 2:30 AM this morning i was waking up to my alarm to make sure he was up and ready - he actually never went to bed since he found out photo's for his speech tomorrow did not load to his disc and he had to drive back to the office.

So i got about 2-1/2 hrs sleep - sent him on his way half asleep and crashed.
I hit the snooze a bit this morning but knew we had to be out of the house by 8:30 AM, so rushed got the kids breakfast and off to Reagan's art class - he is doing so well with watercolors.

Me and the remaining crew hit Panara Bread down the street and split a few muffins with water and enjoyed the quiet place and a nice fire in the fireplace. It was a challenge keeping three toddlers or pre-k kids quiet but we did fairly well and mommy got a bit of a break after a very frustrating week at work.

Then we picked up Reagan and headed to the party store - 2 kids in a buggy - one carrying the basket and one pushing the cart.... we got the goodies for the Princess Tea Party we are having next Sunday for Kaityln's 5th. We are somewhat repeating last years theme with Cold Apple Tea (better known as Apple Juice) - I do scones, bread with Strawberry cream cheese and strawberries, chocolate dipped Strawberries,,,, i guess you can tell Strawberries are Kaitlyn's favorite. It give the adults some better food to eat than chips as well. I am going to attempt to make a princess castle cake or princess cake? We'll see how this wk goes???

Then today Reagan was invited to his first school b-day party at a roller skating rink - I just hope he does not get ideas that we can do this - no budget here!
I even asked that no gifts are given since we don't have the room and the kids don't need them - the party is fun enough and we get them a couple of things they want.
We send out a note with the invite to donate to LWB instead.

After this fun we headed to the Petsmart to get cat food - so this becomes my other form of cheap entertainment.... we start with the beauty shop and watch them cut the dogs hair, then move to the adoption section and watch all the different cats who need a home - tempting to me but my two are my limit and they are also adopted!!
Scott is the only one in our family who is not adopted so the kids think this is funny.

After this we went home did lunch and napped - i slept a bit longer since i was just worn out this wk - they got out all the play clothes and costumes we have and it was rather funny to watch them all dressed up having a blast. They were playing police... i took some photo's but Scott took my digital camera so tomorrow will see about my old camera and getting the pix developed a strange concept these days.
Reagan's badge was a McCain/Palin badge he was using as a police badge - rather funny
we got the mess all cleaned up or at least looking better and went for a walk since the weather was finally nice again - reminded me of our wedding day 9 years ago in a wk. There were a couple of blackberries still out so the kids were thrilled to have some. After dinner we made paper airplanes and went upstairs and flew them over the balcony and the kids just had a blast running down the stairs getting them for me to fly them down...even Odessa our cat went after them.

It was in a way a nice relaxing day with the kids.... Sunday has us going to church, going to a CLP picnic with the hospital for Reagan, then their school has a fair - so no naps and we are running from one event to another - mommy will be happy to have them in bed tomorrow night - but then the wknd has flown by again and a busy wk follows....
I wonder how mothers with large families to it? Most don't have to work but juggling with lots of kids in tow is hard - i was able to cancel one speech class next week but still have one for Reagan and one for Taylor with all the other normal stuff going on. Oh the life of a bigger family - never a dull moment.
Lavonne -9-28-08


Heather said...

Ooh, a sport to have them run up and down the stairs, good way to tire them out Mum! Hope you survive the rest of the week just as well as you've done so far.
Heather BT

Heather said...

Ooh, a sport to have them run up and down the stairs, good way to tire them out Mum! Hope you survive the rest of the week just as well as you've done so far.
Heather BT

Heather said...

Sorry about the double clicked double post