Sunday, September 28, 2008

I feel lost without my camera...

I have posted another one of the professional shots we had done of the kids....
Scott took my camera and i feel lost. I just inherited a nice older film based camera that i coveted for years. So took this out with me and am trying to relearn what i use to love about manual cameras. I will have the photo's back tomorrow and will post some of this wknd.
It was just beautiful outside today and tomorrow is suppose to hit 81 degrees which could be a record for this time of year. But by Thursday we will see our infamous rain again.
We'll other than missing church because Kaitlyn's meltdown was too much.... we had a great day - the picnic was good and the kids liked the magician. Then we raced back to the other side of town to the kids school for their fair. They had a blast and really enjoyed themselves.... bouncers, face painting, hay rides... and it cost me only $2.50 for the day!!
We got the kids laundry done and clothes put away after dinner and even got part of the "CARS" movie that Reagan is now into. It was cute to see them all in various positions on the sofa watching the movie...
I sat there folding laundry - thinking - these are my kids... wow - do you ever have one of those WOW moments when it hits you at where you are in life - i can tell you i never imagined it like this. Most of the time it is good, yet it is very challenging all these different personalities that i am suppose to train, educate and love. What a task that God has given me and i many times wonder am i fit for the job???
Well need to get off this computer and get some work done for tomorrow's meeting and another busy week - hopefully it will go by quickly.
Lavonne 9-29-08

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learningtogether said...

I understand, Lavonne. Steve is gone with our oldest on a mission's trip to GA AND.HE.TOOK.MY.CAMERA. So sad. :)

What's a poor scrapbooking Mama to do?

Take care this week. I'll be praying for strentgh and endurance for you as you care for your crew.

Shelley in BC