Monday, September 22, 2008

SCC and M W Smith Concert

These photo's were taken with my cell phone so not good - the first is SCC and the 2nd Michael. It was a wonderful and spiritual concert - in 2 wks Steven's daughter get's married and they will be doing the Cinderella song at her wedding.
Lavonne - 9-22-08


Heather said...

Acer and I got to be backstage during sound check when the were in MI a couple weeks ago. We've met his guitar tuner roadie through our adoption of Little Miss (he volunteered over at Bethel and adopted her as his little sister). Acer got to sit on the drummer's lap and play and walked away with a set of drumsticks as a present and I got to talk dossiers & paperwork w/SCC. I did express my sorrow at his loss. SCC also knows who Little Miss is as her Foster Home Choir sang with them in China.
We didn't stay for the concert, we had to get back home to call Little Miss, but Acer REALLY loved that drum set.
Heather BT

Julie said...

I am so jealous. I would have loved to gone to that concert. I also love the Puyallup fair pictures. They bring back so many memories. I used to go every year to the fair when I was a kid.