Monday, September 22, 2008

The Puyallup Fair and rain

So once a year the fair is a big thing here in the PNW. Our kids have never gone and Reagan talked about going all the time and was so excited - but figures it had to rain the day we planned on going!! Well we made the best of it and the kids had a great time. Of course wanted to do tons of rides but our budget was limited so they got 4 rides total. They tried elephant ears and cotton candy and loved them.
Then we dropped them off at Scott's sister's place nearby and we went to a concert with Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W Smith - it was awesome and it did not rain.
Lavonne - 9-22-08

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Steve n Coco said...

Oh! I was so sad to have missed the Fair this year. Maybe next year...How awesome that you got to go to the SCC/MWS concert!
Courtney (in Panther Lake)