Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11 we still remember well

May we never forget this time and day when others lost their lives for our freedom !!
Seven years have past and i still remember where i was and what i was doing.
In fact i looked at my daytimer later that day and realized i had planned on going with a customer for a trade show and would have been in that area that day - but plans changed and i did not go. Scott and I did go in May 2002 - 1 week before the cleanup ended and what an experience it was to see all the people still coming to the site.
May God be our focus and our protector of this great land. May we never experience this again.
Lavonne 9-11-08

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hiroshi said...

So sad. We can never forget this miserable calamity.
We are happy,so we have to remember this for our peace.