Monday, September 15, 2008

50 years of wedding bliss

This weekend i headed out Friday on a flight to Kelowna BC Canada to surprise my mother. We had planned to do something for my parents 50th but she in the end did not want anything. So finally after 2 aunts insisted my father decided to go ahead and then offered to fly me out for a surprise. My mother's brother and wife flew up from AZ and arrived a few days earlier. My mom heard me come in the house and turned around and just looked and was stunned. She of course started putting things together but really did not know what was in store. Sat we went out for dinner to Moxie's a nice restaurant and all their siblings joined in and surprised my mom. It was a very nice dinner with a pre-selected menu and we all had a nice visit together. Some i had not seen in 5 years so this was nice. I honestly did not know what to do with myself most of the wknd since it was so quiet and they all just sit around and talk - i finally wrote thankyou cards that were overdue.
Here are a few of the photo's from the restaurant and later at my aunt and uncles for dessert and telling of old stories and seeing wedding photo's.
My parents met at 15 and dated a while and then off and back around 18-19 and then engaged for about 2 years. A week after my mom graduated from nursing school they were married Sat, Sept 13th, 1958 - my mom put dad through school one more year. He did well with his engineering degree and worked in the world of trucks - building them and trailers most of his life. They have lived an interesting life - living in 3 countries, traveling all over the world and now raising my nephew who is almost 12.
Wishing my parents 50 WONDERFUL YEARS and many more to come....
Lavonne - 9-15-08


Starla said...

I love the picture of your family at the top of the page. I know exactly how you feel about trying to get everyone to look at the camera and smile, but it is still a nice family pic. You all look great in your Chinese clothes!

hiroshi said...

Your mother is beautiful especially when she was young.

hiroshi said...

your mother is beautiful especially when she was young.