Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Current update

Well will post some more photo's shortly. Things are coming together for us. I do wish I could have the whole summer off to just be home with the kids but that is not the life I have. And we now have to pay off the rest of this stuff!!
The weather has been in the 80-90's and just great. We did a pool party on Sunday noon, then yesterday dropped off at my work for 30 mins to introduce and drop off papers for Winston to get on my insurance. Then took them quickly grocery shopping. It confirms why I go at 10 PM - 4 in one buggy with groceries is a challenge, but have to say they did pretty well.
Played outside a lot and went for another walk.
Today met with two girlfriends and their kids at a u-pick strawberry place. Well this cold year did the strawberries in - but the kids had fun - Reagan was the most into them but honestly they were really bad and tiny with little flavor. So gave most to my friend who wanted to make jam and took 2 lbs home and they got them cut up for dessert and the remaining went into Strawberry lemonade for Scott and I.
Maybe will do pancakes and strawberries?
Then headed back to the house and the kids played more in the pool - Winston is cute - he is right in there but when he is done - will go sit in a chair and watch them so definitely a bit introverted.
His skin is slowly healing - I bandaged him up like a mommy to stop him from scratching - he already picked the scab off his face while driving today. So hope by our next visit on the 10th we will have more positive results on his skin.
We did a walk again and the kids are just enjoying this nightly routine.
Tomorrow we head to a park with friends and have some over - might as well take advantage of this time off. Not getting much else done - but heck the weather is too nice to waste.
In most thinks Winston is a breeze - reminds me a bit like Reagan's adoption. He has his little whining bouts but not really temper tantrums like the girls have. He just sits and cries - but is learning I will not carry him everywhere. I have a bad back and he is very dense. But he has really bonded and just runs up to me and gives me hugs and kisses already.
He is not as big a fan of rocking like the other 3 but will just come for cuddles and hugs - so I am fine with this and hoping this reassures him. He has stayed dry most of the time, but will tackle the peeing later on once we are feeling better. He still does not like going to bed - but only takes me 15 to lie beside him and just pat his back and he is out. Have stopped naps for all 4 well 3 were taking them and this gets them to sleep right away and not getting up so early. So there is a selfish part of me wanting naps but hey I rather sleep in a bit longer LOL
So at this point we just feel so thankful all is going so well and he is just an easy transition compared to the last 2, I had been praying that God would give me a bit of a break in this area with #4.
Well will try and just get some photo's up for you on the past few days.

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