Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday AM - off to church

Off to church in our Sunday garb. Winston we kept in long sleeves and pants to help to stop itching and so it would not look so bad. He was so cute and first thing took me to his drawers to help him pick his clothes. One thing I have realized trying to take a photo of 4 youngsters is almost impossible LOL
I will post more tomorrow but have some really cute video - Winston sings alot but as soon as I turn on the camera he clams up - so want to capture this for when he is older. It is so precious. He is such the ham. This morning he went off right away to SS with his sisters and never looked back - and as soon as I came to pick him up came running to me. So we are connecting. It will be some time until it is a firm bond but I could see a huge difference and comparing to the others he is doing very well.
Side note - our friend Mark at the embassy came home this wknd and was at church today and sat near me so got to talk briefly. This is so touching. He was on the visa adoption rotation which ended on the 26th. So his last official swear in ceremony was with Scott and Winston which is our last adoption. So it just was very special to have a friend swear in this last special adoption for us. They also were amazed to see the difference in Taylor - when they saw her last she was having a huge melt down and had to go to the bathroom and it was very hard, I could see in Melinda's eyes her concern for me with having 3 kids and this. Even my Chinese friend admitted that when we got Kaitlyn she had reservations about her and was amazed. These kids do transform and it is not perfect - but God blesses us in the challenges in having these kids become wonderful little beings.
Overall our job is for them to learn about God through us - and we see our son Reagan who just loves God, today he announced He loved him more than Scott and I and it was just so touching to see this confident little boy growing up to love the Lord.


Charlotte said...

Your world looks like mine, lol !

Charlotte and crew

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

They all look so nice! Winston appears to be fitting right in! I hope they can get his skin condition cleared up soon. Poor little fellow! We will keep your family in our thoughts that all works out fine.


Janet said...

So cool!!! God is good!!