Monday, June 23, 2008

Well it has been quiet + Kaitlyn's 3 yr Gotcha

I got these last night - Winston does not like the carrier they took - Taylor could not run fast enough to get into it - so a bit interesting. But our prince does not want his feet to touch the ground!! So Scott got a stroller which has helped a bit and relieved his back and arms of 30lbs of excess weight LOL he also bought him a pair of squeaky shoes to help him with the desire to walk.
They are staying at the Victory again and so far all has gone well. They were hoping to do the zoo but not sure if they went - it was suppose to hit 99 degrees today - not the best to be walking in direct sunlight for hours observing animals panting and sweating or hiding in the shade and watching you pant and sweat.
We will have Winston looked at by our doctor at home but yesterday at the clinic there was a lot of questions asked about his male anatomy - poor guy! so could be looking at a surgery pretty quick down the road if I am guessing correctly - Scott was not sure and could not tell himself? So have wait a bit more until the mystery is solved on American soil.
We are finally having some nice weather and tonight celebrated a few days late our Kaitlyn's 3 year Gotcha Day - wow 3 years on the 21st we were in Kunming. At 2 pm we headed to the Civil Affairs bldg in an apt complex - when we walked in there were two girls playing and I saw Kaitlyn right away. She was a reserved little girl who needed to trust us and slowly warmed up to us. Today she is a beautiful spirited girl with a beautiful smile and a personality that keeps us on our toes LOL
She is about to enter Kindergarten this fall and is slowly becoming mommies helper.
We love you our sweet Kaitlyn (will post her video when Scott comes home with the camera cord)

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Charlotte said...

Love seeing pics of the Victory ! Stayed there for my 2nd adoption !

Charlotte and crew