Monday, June 23, 2008

One last pic

Could not resist this one - my little man at the airport - i am thinking this is a rare moment. Seems he is taking to being carried a lot!!
Today they took him for his embassy medical check up and well we have another surprise which I guess we will have checked out in the US now. They kept saying something about his testicle? maybe it has not dropped? who knows - can't worry about it here - as I have said before - the adventures of adopting LOL
Always a new surprise around the corner.
We'll did get to talk a little bit tonight and even Scott got to get Winston to say
"I Love You Mamma" it was so cute and sweet. He has a sweet raspy voice - it just makes you want to smile. 4 more days!


Debby, Momma of the Clan! said...

I am sure enjoying your pictures!

Glad you got the email and computer back up, bad timing on that, but that is how it seems to go!

It really looks like your lives are going to get MUCH BUSIER!!!



Laurie McLean said...

Can't wait to see him in your arms! Laurie

Starla said...


Winston is as cute as a button! Sounds like your life will get busier yet! I'll bet you can hardly wait. So fun to follow along.

Blessings, Starla

David and Sarah said...

Wow! Ilove you mamma. That had to melt your heart!