Monday, June 16, 2008

Update for Tues in China

Scott has been busy so I will wait on more photo's and try and give a little update.
If you have noticed Winston is covered from head to toe in open sores. Poor guy is itching like crazy and I brought some meds, not enough and maybe not the right ones?
We are still working on determining what he has ... either it is Allergies to Mosquito bites like they noted (and have found past photo's of similar situations), or Scabies - and finally someone had this medicine so they gave it to him last night with an oatmeal bath (glad i insisted on packing some), or Chickenpox. One family came home a week ago and their boy just came down with it two days ago - he was from another floor. So I have written our doctor with photo's and sent out the word for help and thank you everyone who sent us suggestions - we have friends in GZ and they have and Ex-pat doc who they will go see Sat if they can. If it is Chickenpox they have to be quarantined and this is not good - they would have to stay an additional 10 days according to our embassy friend and this happened 6m ago to 40 families!!
Keep praying it is just those lousy mosquito's bothering my son.
Scott is off to WalMart right now to find his son some remedies to help soothe him.
Winston is doing pretty well and is a chatty thing and having a good time. Fully potty trained - one time Scott looked up and he was gone and panic ed until he checked the bathroom to see our boy had just done a number 2 and was proudly wiping - he looked at Scott like do you mind! So no worries here - but a bit soft so keeping an eye on this too.
Oh the joys of adopting :-) Jim is sure learning lots!
Winston learned how to use the remote control and now is in male heaven!!
He also is still grieving - it seems he was pretty attached to his one Nanny. Today him and Jim went for a walk and the Civil Affairs bldg is a block away and well I guess Winston remembered and it appeared he was looking for his Nanny. Jim had to convince him to come back with him and he reluctantly did, but back at the room he did have an attitude change and did break down and cry later on. Poor guy
They go to the orphanage on Thursday and am not sure how he will do. Every one of our kids had no issues. Taylor ran to her foster mother of 4m but had no issues waving goodbye - not one tear. But this guy was an emperor and I think we are dealing with an whole new situation here.
He is healthy other than the sores and Scott just emailed while I was writing he still does not think it is the bites and we will know in about 2 days.
Winston is eating well and enjoying the toys and I am so glad the clothes i sent fit perfectly even the shoes so they don't have to buy a thing.
They did get Winston a flute thing from his area for a remembrance gift.
It has been hard to connect since we are juggling our schedules so i feel i am really missing out more now that we are into the wk - the wknd we had more time to talk. Then I have to share the time with the kids so am feeling like i am just missing out on these moments - I know i am not alone and so many other mother's have done this before me.
Well I do hope Scott updates tonight with more photo's
They have been busy Monday and Tues finishing papers - I think tomorrow they go and see the Terra Cotta Soldiers. Jim has been before but Scott and Winston will enjoy.
Please continue to pray for my guys - this has been added stress but will work out in God's timing. We have really appreciated all the support and comments so far - it is great to know you are enjoying this journey with us.


tiffany said...

Oh poor itchy guy! When I saw the pix of all his owies it took me right back to last year meeting Levi as he was also covered but it was just bites and cleared pretty quickly. Chicken pox and an extra 10 days? Oh my. That would be rough on all of you I am sure. Hoping for the best.

Sonia said...


I am so hoping it's not chicken pox for you! I know that would be so hard to wait that much longer to get your hands on this precious boy!

He's a doll baby and I love those cheeks. Keep the update coming as I am living vicariously through you... I am getting the itch again...

Thanks again for keeping us so well updated.

Laurie McLean said...

I'm glad they are doing so well! I sure hope they figure out what is causing the itchy sores. Poor little guy! Praying it is not chicken pox! Laurie

One Happy Momma said...

Lavonne -

I really am enjoying your journey with Winston.

I too am praying it's not chickenpox!

Can't wait to read and see more pictures.



David and Sarah said...

Congratulations. Your son is darling! Our little guy from China gets terrible sores from mosquito bites, so if there are a lot of mosquitos it is definitely possible that it could just be bites.

Starla said...


I'm hoping that it is just bites. Two of mine have always had terrible sores from bites. They just itch them and turn them into open sores. Hope that is all it is so that they get to come home on time.

What a blessing Winston will be to your family. Hope you can connect soon. My daughter is in Thailand, 12 hours different, so that makes it pretty easy to connect--me in the morning, and for her it is evening.

Blessings, Starla