Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Need your prayers

Talked briefly this morning with Scott at 6:30 AM. Just the thought of Chickenpox has my friend at the embassy nervous so he insisted they see a doctor - well their guide wanted to go to the hospital and that is not good. This is an experience you don't want to have.
So Scott insisted on seeing the hotel doc to check - after a long argument they finally gave in. The female doctor said to the other person it is not Chickenpox but would not say this to Scott (not sure how he knew?) and she refused to write anything in this manner since in China she could be held responsible. So Scott is extremely frustrated and stuck. He thinks it is scabies - most think it is bug bites after seeing all the photo's - we doubt it is Chickenpox, but can't rule it out. Our friend does not want them to go to GZ until it is confirmed to avoid holding up a bunch of families. So not a good situation. Please lift them up - so we don't have delays and we definitely don't want to hold other families back either.
So Scott has been too busy running around dealing with this to send me updates or write himself. I feel hopeless since I can't do much from here and knowing my little guy is hurting and my big guy is stressed.


Sonia said...


You're right. The hospital in China is an experience you don't want to have. We spent some time there with our first adoption and it was quite the experience. Is there a western doctor anywhere close they can get to?

I'll be praying for God to open doors for Scott and Winston to get this cleared up asap.


teri said...

I am praying for Scott and Winston. WE hope that an answer will come soon and that it will be easy to solve. I know how left out you feel as I feel it too. May God watch over your boys.

Teri Prichard

jodyfoznot said...


I'm lifting Winston, Scott and you to the Lord in prayer tonight. What a stressful situation for you all.

Jody in MI
mama to 4, including Lily from DG