Saturday, June 28, 2008

They are home and all is well

Will try and post photo's later, have not gotten all of Scott's photo's downloaded to our computer and have 2 camera's at the 1 hour getting developed of their arrival and more of the orphanage before getting Winston.
He is doing great - they were about 30 mins late and by the time they got through customs... it was after 2 pm then rush home unloaded and headed to the doctors which i am very thankful we did. Our doc is on leave right now so had to see others - but we have 2 more doctors to see now. with think he has a type of Eczema that also has become staph - so have a heavy dose of antibiotics, and 2% hydro like cream, then he has large tonsils and snores bad so going to an ENT for this, has what they call a pigeon chest, so now understand what Scott was talking about - comes to a point than flat. His testicle is up on one maybe both? and his foreskin is adhered so have cream for this and have to make a doc apt too. So we have a ways to go before this little guy is fine. Then once home we went for a walk since it was just beautiful outside and he tripped and went face first and has a nice scape across his cheek, nose and upper lip. He cried until i picked him up and was fine - but now it looks horrible with all the other sores - they are just weeping - the poor guy.
At this point he totally bonded with mommy and we have been great since.
Yes, Scott is right we have a whiner but he's already learning it does not get him far.
The kids just love him and on the way to the airport Reagan said " I just can't wait to see Winston" he was just so excited. They are just all over him and Taylor is in heaven now - feeling like a big sister - but was regressing in baby talk a bit - but today was better.
Winston is deathly afraid of the cats - Scott says its most animals and figures he had some trauma. But I got him to sit with me and i petted and they brushed him a bit and he was ok, so in a wk or so should be fine. No pee stories yet - so watching closely but is wetting some pull-ups so may have some re-training to do.
He is a doll and was already giving me kisses by dinner - but have to say he is one solid kid and heavy :-)
We got him to sleep most of the night - at 3 am he woke up crying in his bed and I got him, and he slept with us but the cats were with us so took him a while to relax.
He did well and maybe have him already on schedule? that would be great.
This morning he was having a blast with the girls and we got the small pool out and they played once Reagan came home - he was just having a blast.
He is a bit younger in some things - struggled with walking down the stairs - so had him hold the railing and doing ok and getting better already - his short little legs, then did not know how to ride the toy car outside so had to show him how to push his feet... our slide is a bit bigger so was a bit intimidated = but held his hand and he was fine. Our neighbors are moving so they had a garage sale so bought another toy car - so now three and a 2 seater moving circle ride thing? don't know what to call it - but perfect for Winston and Taylor.
They are already hitting it off - which was what we had hoped for.
Now they are both napping - Winston does not like them so I laid down with him first and then he was out.
So it has been a great first day together - I just look at all the sores and say poor thing but know it will all get better soon.
Will try and post more tonight - I know many of you have written wondering how it is going - and all I can say God knew and His plan is perfect - we are now the completed family we envisioned in 2006 and our journey to complete our family is done. Now the new chapter of being a family of 6 begins and seeing our last child blossom like the rest. He will be talking English in no time. He is a big singer so hope to capture some of this now before we lose it.
God bless and thanks again for the wonderful comments and emails - and most of all the prayers we have received - Lavonne


tiffany said...

Welcome Home Winston! Wonderful update on how all is going. Poor little man to still be covered in sores but hopefully now with good medical care he can get cleared up. Love that he is already loving his MaMa.

Charlotte said...

Finally, a post ! Yah !

Waitinf gor pics of Winston and Mommy together !!!!!

Charlotte and crew