Thursday, June 26, 2008

21 hours to boys are almost home!

Ok if you don't know my husband you sure will now by these photo's...
Scott is an Entomologist - yup - a bug man and our house is full of framed bugs and at times (Luckily for me now - at the office) we have them as pets... which currently he has a rat, 2 scorpions, tarancula spider (sp?), and a load of manhgescar (sp?) hissing cockroaches...
So needless to say we now can add to the amazing list of Scott gourmet food testing - Scorpions. We have see bee larva, kangaroo, ox, a few other bugs, some worm stuff...
my stomach is turning writing it. I stick with rice :-)
They are in the air as I write this - hours now - pray all goes well.


One Happy Momma said...

Scott is so brave. :) I'm with you Lavonne, my stomach aches just thinking about eating something like that. :)

I know you are excited. I can't wait to hear how things are going at the Dideon household after everyone is home! :)

Blessings -


K said...

Hi Lavonne!

Joanne was just telling me about all of Scott's and Winston's adventures, so I logged on to take a look. It looks like things are going well for them and it's great that they're almost back home. You guys are building a great family there.

Scott and I should have gone out to eat together last August. I'm sure we could have egged each other on to something more exotic than the eel stew. I might have eaten scorpion, if I saw him do it first. Did he try the sandworms this time?

Take care,

Starla said...

Oh, how excting! They are coming home! It has been great to follow along. What a great day you will have! Blessings, Starla

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

Look out Andrew Zimmeren! Scott could take over for him on bizarre foods! LOL

It won't be long and you can hold your new son and hug your hubby! The kids will be o excited to see him!