Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One night for them - 2 for us...

Just got off the phone and They head in 2 hours to the Embassy for the swearing in ceremony - not much of a big deal to those who are BTDT adoptive parents... but still like to think it is. So around midnight PST it is official - and the final stuff will happen once they land in Seattle Friday.
The past couple of days it has been monsoon season so lots of rain. So stuck at the Victory. They went to a new Italian restaurant at the entrance to the island with Mark last night and said it was good. Scott got his shopping list done... wanted outfits made for the kids and each kid has received a family picture in the granite - the traditional way which is done by hand. Then christmas presents for the neices and nephews. So he has done well and even started packing already.. he is learning or I am rubbing off on him LOL
Winston is such a character and we will have loads of fun next wk and the weather is suppose to be nice - so i am really looking forward to it.
Scott got a new shirt as well and you will see his dragon shirt in one of the upcoming photo's - not what i consider a fashion statement - but it works :-)
Well I am ready for my boys to come home - i am tired and need some rest - I do hope Winston gets into the sleep groove quickly. It has usually taken them about 2 days for the others to get on our time zone - but Kaitlyn was 2 wks to be comfortable sleeping in her own room.
It was cute - last night she called around 3-4 am and asked to sleep with me and then around 6 Reagan crawled in for a catnap. So we three cuddled - I think Winston will be a cuddler.
Well I have a maid coming to help me get the house ready and i need to finish some projects and work since tomorrow is my last day until the 7th.
Thanks again - soon we will be posting at home shots with our new little guy.

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