Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Many many photo's finally

Ok I have to brag - I thought this kid was cute - but that first picture just makes me melt - he is so darn cute almost posing here.
They are still having potty challenges and tonight while talking i said the word and off he went to the bathroom LOL
We actually had this with Taylor last year - i finally had to spell it to Scott when talking or she would say she had to go - i guess these western toilets are the rage for these tots??
Scott forgot to put a pull-up on at nap time and they had to replace the bed!! this kids bladder is huge for his age and it has become a control game - so next wk will be interesting for me. Glad I am home all week.
Then for breakfast today - he said something and Scott missed it and up he stood and the highchair had to be replaced - why they use fabric on these things one wonders??
Scott has more of these embarrassing moments - but you can only share so many and we really have :-)
He is also a heavy snorer - rather funny since both Scott and Jim sleep with cpaps - so may need one for our little man?
Jim noted that when Winston stands in his chair he is letting you know it is time to go. He enjoys reading the newspaper with Jim and i had packed some books which he loves and takes along with him in his backpack.
He is starting to pick up more words and Scott said one of his first was TIDE yes as in laundry soap. I had packed some for them to wash clothes.
They did Lucy's last night and today they meet Mark C for dinner so should be fun. This time it does not look like they will hook up with my friend Lisa which is so unfortunate. But she has been very busy. Well I Will try and post more photo's which i am getting but still having computer issues - have Internet but can't email out?
So will try and milk it until Scott gets home in 3 days - so lots to do and clean before they get here.
Thanks again for all your notes and comments we really appreciate them and your interest in our journey.


Our China Starfish said...

Congratulations Dideon Family!!! It's great to see all these photos- what a cutie! Sounds like he will keep you busy for a while :) Praying time flys until you are all together! Thanks for sharing your journey on your blog!! Blessings, Jennifer in DE (waiting for Tessa)

Charlotte said...

Oh, I think he is darn cute too !!!!
Just three more days ! Yippeee !

Charlotte and crew