Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So as China mourns we wait on TA

Our hearts our heavy at what we see and read, what friends in China have shared.
The toll keeps rising as more and more are found - yet the miracles still are happening as some are still found alive - Praise God!
Countries from all over have come to help and something China has not seen is happening before their eyes and they are coming together to help each other.

We sit across the ocean feeling at times helpless - only being able to give monetary gifts. We try and explain to our little ones what is happening in their homeland and we wait to bring one more orphan home.

This wk we had hoped to hear, but with the 3 days of mourning wonder if we will?
Guilt hits as we desire selfishly to bring our son home and as many are laying their sons to rest. May we continue to pray for China.

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