Friday, May 16, 2008

More Winston Sightings... including from 2005

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Well this was a wonderful gift and surprise we got yesterday. A women volunteer from Canada is working the next few weeks at Winston's orphanage and on his floor. We asked if she could check on him because of the earthquake. Well she sent us 8 photo's and 2 video of him and then discribed his personality to a "T" shy and reserved at first, then warms up.... we were just thrilled.
This morning as i open up my emails I find 2 more emails from her. She asks first is another photo could be my son? then realized it was and sent about 6 more.
Brianne had been working at the orphanage in late May to early June, 2005 and took these photo's of him as a baby. I had been wanting to ask the orphanage for earlier photo's since all we have are more recent. So this was just the best gift of all.
But i also started putting things together... his paperwork noted his approx/guessed birthday was January 29, 2005, that he was found and entered the orphanage on May 29, 2005. Hummmm....
So this would have put my little guy at 6m old - NOT - here you see this guy looking like he is walking and a good 1 years old. Also, does not look like he just got there either. So we now think Winston maybe 6-7m older than reported?
This makes things more interesting in our household since Taylor is 7m older and he was suppose to be our youngest. We also think Taylor is younger than thought - so they could actually be virtual twins! and Winston could have been born in May-June 2004?
Oh the books I could write on adopting from China and the surprises we have uncovered.
It will keep bedtime stories interesting for our family...
Just thrilled to have this information and know he is safe and soon home!!!


Stacey said...

How exciting to have so many pictures!! He sure is adorable. I'm glad his CWI escaped damage from the horrible earthquake.

Shannon and Boyd Bringolf said...

We have wondered those same things about our kids. Although we think Kali is older, sometimes and even Kaci. Kole seems just about right although a little small, still.
That is so awesome to have someone who can give you these wonderful updates while you wait. Hurry TA!

A Crystal Garden said...

What a surprise to find out he may be a bit older. Great new pictures and can't wait for your to get TA