Monday, April 28, 2008

So this is the man I married :-)

Now doesn't my Scott look soooooo sexy - NOT
This is now what i will be waking up to in the mornings !!!
At least I will get a peaceful night sleep - here is hoping the mask stays on!!

Still no word and Tuesday is day 90 - 3 months and counting.... did hear a rumor that the senior person at CCAA was out last wk and this person is the one who signs off on LOA's and TA's - hoping they are back and by Friday we hear SOMETHING !!!!
A mother who wants her son home!

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Starla said...

I think that the CCAA has taken extra vacations and trips all around. Just nothing going on, is there? My dear friend is waiting for her referral....and it looks like it will still take another couple of months, and then be stopped by the Olympics. I am glad that I am not waiting this time around. :)