Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3 months today....

Ok, well we finally hit our 3m anniversary in the wait for LOA....
I am sure you are sick of coming back to our site as we are and hearing the same thing over and over - but I hope it will soon change???
Today a couple of people got word of their TA - Travel Announcement - so expecting it Thursday. So with this news - I again have hope that we will hear some long overdue news that our LOA (letter of acceptance before TA) is on its way!!!

We also have other good news to share - God is working and still on his own time!! LOL
We got our call this afternoon that the Visa's for China are ready so we made it before the rules changed and saved $$... so far it appears that people traveling to Xian CWI are not having to pay the additional $2000 for the orphanage fee, so that too is a blessing, Vicki a mother waiting for her boy in Xian got Winston's package and Gotcha Day is the 18th so around the 20th I could get a Winston sighting update.
Scott's SS # fits the first batch of Tax Credit refund so looks like Friday we will have enough cash for our next payment
We just got another donation to our KKAM fund which I think will give us just enough to cover all costs for the trip - so still managing to have just enough
Yesterday had to fix my minivan rear window and had no idea how much it would cost - turns out it was three little pieces for $14.50 - this van has been a financial blessing - it keeps running - needs work but has cost us so little in repairs and it is closing in on the 200,000 mark - praying hard it will last us one or two more years
I could write a lot more - and probably should since when the wait gets long and things are tough at work I forget my blessings and God has definitely provided for our needs. A final blessing is the kids were accepted to a local Christian school and the costs come in right were we are currently paying and we thought it was going to be out of our price point - this with 4 kids will allow us to have some monthly breathing room to pay extra down and still have some cash each month.

Here is praying for some good news shortly :-)

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